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(Photos from the workshop and short course: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4)



kenji_ishihara_lowresOrganized by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) San Diego Chapter, University of California San Diego Extension, and Geo-Institute San Diego Chapter.

Wednesday-Thursday, March 29-30, 2017
8:00am – 5:00pm







Speakers (Presentation Files):

  • I.M. Idriss (Professor Emeritus, University of California, Davis) Bio
  • Fumio Tatsuoka (Tokyo University of Science; Prof. Emeritus University of Tokyo) Bio Abstract
    Soil compaction and its effects on the mechanical properties of compacted soil
  • Ross Boulanger (University of California, Davis) Bio Abstract
    Seismic response of an embankment on loose sand treated with soil-cement panels: Centrifuge tests and numerical analyses
  • Peter K. Robertson (Gregg Drilling and Testing, Inc.) Bio Abstract
    Influence of depth of liquefaction on estimated settlements
  • Lisheng Shao (Hayward Baker, Inc.) Bio Abstract
    Quality Control for Liquefaction Mitigation
  • David Yang (JAFEC USA, Inc.) Bio Abstract
    Application of Multi-Shaft Deep Mixing for Seismic Remediation of Earth Dams – Historical Review from Jackson Lake Dam to Perris Lake Dam
  • Juan Baez (Advanced Geosolutions, Inc.) Bio and Abstract
    On the Performance of Ground Improvement during Strong Earthquakes – Observations and Lessons Learned
  • Sonja Zlatovich (Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, Croatia) Bio Abstract
    Prof. Ishihara in Croatia
  • Daniel Pradel (The Ohio State University) Bio Abstract
    Landslide Movement at Lokanthali during the Mw = 7.8 Gorkha (Nepal) Earthquake of April 25 2015
  • Ramon Verdugo (CMGI Ltda., Former President of the Chilean Geotechnical Society) Bio Abstract
    Critical analyses of the available methods to assess soil liquefaction potential
  • Marte Gutierrez (James R. Paden Distinguished Professor, Colorado School of Mines) Bio Abstract
    Probabilistic Back-Analysis of Liquefied Shear Strength from Case Histories
  • Misko Cubrinovski (University of Canterbury, New Zealand) Bio Abstract
    Liquefaction Characteristics of Sandy Soils
  • Ikuo Towhata (Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo) Bio Abstract
    Soil improvement project in liquefaction-damaged residential areas
  • Ricardo Dobry (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Bio Abstract
    New Findings on Liquefaction Triggering of Sands During Earthquakes
  • Jonathan Bray (University of California, Berkeley) Bio Abstract
    Insights Through Dynamic Analysis of Structures at Liquefied Sites
  • Ahmed Elgamal (University of California San Diego)
  • Gopal Madabhushi (University of Cambridge, England) Bio Abstract
    Soil Liquefaction: To Drain or not to Drain?
  • Takaji Kokusho (Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan) Bio Abstract
    Lab tests on applicability of S-wave-based and CPT-based liquefaction evaluations
  • Sjoerd Van Ballegooy (Tonkin+Taylor, New Zealand) Bio Abstract
    Predicting the Consequences of Liquefaction on Residential Buildings
  • Michael Fraser (NAVFAC) Bio Abstract
    Uncertainty Related to Liquefaction-Induced Settlements
  • Liam Finn (Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia, Canada) Bio Abstract
    Liquefaction under Probabilistic Ground Motions
  • Tara Hutchinson (University of California San Diego) Abstract and Bio
    Inelastic Pile Behavior in Partially Liquefied Soils and Layered Soil Conditions
  • Ellen Rathje (University of Texas, Austin) Bio Abstract
    Summary of National Research Council (NRC) study on the State of the Art and Practice in
    Earthquake Induced Soil Liquefaction Assessment

Organizing Committee:

Dr. Jorge Meneses (President, EERI San Diego Chapter),
Sean Ahdi
Tugce Baser
Victor Contreras
Ahmed Ebeido
Mandro Eslami
John Li
Jinchi Lu
Lan Luo
Zhijian Qiu
Wenyong Rong
Muhammad Zayed
Yewei Zheng


The workshop will honor the lifetime achievements and contributions of Professor Kenji Ishihara to the field of geotechnical earthquake engineering, with the afternoon session of the second day of the workshop entirely devoted to honor Professor Ishihara and hosted by Professor I.M. Idriss (M. EERI, 1972).

Distinguished speakers from the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Europe, and South America will share experiences with liquefaction mitigation, recent major earthquakes, and highlighting the contributions of Professor Ishihara. A one-day short course before the workshop on Tuesday, March 28, is also offered.

Target audience includes geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists, structural engineers, researchers, agencies officials and students. Panel discussions will promote exchange of ideas and clarification.

This workshop will be the second of a series of periodic workshops on the topic of geotechnical earthquake engineering.


University of California San Diego Campus
Price Center East Ballroom
9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, CA 92093
For driving directions and parking information:

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Registration includes registration package and access to pdf files of the presentations. Meals and refreshments will not be provided as the lower level of the Price Center contains a great variety of food and costs.

Click here to register for the Workshop and/or 1-day short course.

Proceeds of the workshop will go the “Update of the San Diego-Tijuana Earthquake Scenario.” A Project led by the EERI San Diego Chapter with the participation of organizations from San Diego, California, and Tijuana-Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Further information can be found at