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2020 NEC Presentations

The EERI San Diego Chapter hosted the 2020 National Earthquake Conference in San Diego. Presentations on the scenario were highlighted throughout the conference. Below are a selection of the presentations from different Scenario Working Groups on the content and analysis included in the scenario.

The San Diego Scenario: Vision for a Seismically Resilient San Diego by 2050

Moderator: Glenn Pomeroy, California Earthquake Authority


  • Jorge Meneses Principal Geotechnical Engineer, RMA Group, Inc. and EERI San Diego Chapter President Download Presentation
  • Stephen Rea Assistant Director of Office of Emergency Services, San Diego County
  • Afsaneh Ahmadi Chief Building Official, City of San Diego
  • Mona Freels Emergency Operations Services Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)
  • David Harrison Assistant Director of Emergency Services, City of Carlsbad


Designing the Earthquake & Geologic Hazards for the San Diego Scenario

Moderator: Diane Murbach, Murbach Geotech Download Presentation

  • Presentation Title: Paleoseismic History, Scenario Earthquake & Surface Fault Rupture
    Speaker: Tom Rockwell San Diego State University Download Presentation
  • Presentation Title: USGS Scenario ShakeMaps & Simulation
    Speaker: Ken Hudnut United States Geological Survey
  • Presentation Title: Scenario Liquefaction and Landsliding
    Speaker: Jim Gingery Hayward Baker Download Presentation
  • Presentation Title: Scenario Tsunami from Submarine Landslide
    Speaker: Mark Legg Legg Geophysical, Inc


Infrastructure and Building Vulnerabilities in San Diego and Tijuana

Moderator: Alvaro Celestino, Degenkolb Engineers

  • Presentation Title: Overview of San Diego Scenario Engineering Impacts and Findings
    Speaker: Anthony Court AB Court & Associates
  • Presentation Title: Assessment of Impacts to Tijuana Due to the Rose Canyon M6.9 Scenario Earthquake
    Speaker: Mario GonzalezDuran and Roberto Ruiz-Salas Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Tijuana, Baja California, México and KimleyHorn Download Presentation
  • Presentation Title: How Vulnerable Are We? A Look into the Existing San Diego Building Stock
    Speaker: Peter Maloney Degenkolb Engineers


San Diego Seismic Resilience – Stakeholder Insight Panel

Diverse stakeholders from the San Diego region will discuss impacts from the scenario on their own infrastructure or systems, describe their organization’s seismic mitigation and planning accomplishments, and compare them to their other hazard planning efforts. Panelists will also explore challenges and opportunities in mitigating their seismic risk and achieving a seismically resilient San Diego by 2050.

Moderator: Gary Johnson, San Diego County of Emergency Services

  • Speaker: David Harrison Assistant Director of Emergency Services, City of Carlsbad
  • Speaker: Ryan DeHart Emergency Services Coordinator, County of San Diego Office of Emergency Services
  • Speaker: Clint Welch Director of Aviation Security and Public Safety for the San Diego Airport
  • Speaker: Ron LaPlante Senior Structural Engineer/Codes & Standards, Division of the State Architect
  • Speaker: Bill White Manager, Security and Emergency Planning, City of San Diego, Public Utilities Department
  • Speaker: Jim Fisher Operations and Maintenance Director, San Diego County Water Authority
  • Speaker: Matt Brown Port of San Diego – Homeland Security Program Manager, San Diego Unified Port District
  • Speaker: Brian Souerhage Commander, Third Fleet, United States Navy


Achieving a Seismically Resilient San Diego by 2050: A Collaborative Workshop

Moderator: Zahraa Saiyed, Scyma Consulting, University of San Francisco Download Presentation

  • Speaker: Laurie Johnson Laurie Johnson Consulting and EERI President Download Presentation
  • Speaker: Claudia López District Director for California Senator Ben Hueso