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4th Kenji Ishihara Colloquium Series on Earthquake Engineering

Impact of Climate Change on Community Earthquake Resilience

September 2nd, 2022
Virtually on Zoom

Human-induced climate change is becoming a global climate crisis. Natural hazards are increasing in frequency and intensity. New challenges are arising to earthquake professionals. Issues such as sea level rise, heavy rainfalls, and wildfires are making communities more seismically vulnerable. What are these new challenges in terms of community earthquake mitigation and resilience? How is the occurrence of earthquakes on top of natural hazards exacerbated by human-induced climate change affecting community earthquake resilience? What and how may earthquake professionals contribute to solve this global climate crisis? A global problem demands a global solution; what are the next steps in this direction?

These and other questions will be discussed and addressed to provide some information and guidance about community earthquake resilience, the roles of earthquake professionals, and what other professionals are doing addressing other natural hazards directly affected by the global climate crisis.

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All times are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Opening Remarks


Session 1: Keynote Speakers – Moderator: Jorge Meneses

Prof. Susan CutterDisaster Inequality and Equitable Risk Reduction8:15am8:45am
Dr. Therese McAllisterEnabling Community Resilience through Design Practices8:45am9:15am
Prof. Benjamin ZaitchikAnticipating and addressing complex climate hazards9:15am9:45am
Discussion Panel9:45am10:15am

Session 2 – Moderators: Zahraa Saiyed and Tasneem Sadeque

Prof. Daniel ArmaniosThe Role of Physical Infrastructure on Inequality10:30am11:00am
Dr. Sahar DerakhshanIntersection between climate change and earthquake resilience: Community resilience11:00am11:30am
Vance TaylorThe Whole Community: We Succeed or Fail Together11:30am12:00pm
Discussion Panel12:00pm12:30pm
Lunch Break12:30pm1:30pm

Session 3 – Moderator: Alvaro Celestino

Prof. Hussam MahmoudResilience of Healthcare Systems under the Compounding Impact of Pandemics and Climate-Intensified Wildfires1:30pm2:00pm
Prof. Adam RoseWhat Businesses Can Do to Plan for Recovery from Earthquakes and Climate Change Impacts Simultaneously2:00pm2:30pm
Prof. Negar Elhami-KhorasaniPlanning for fire following earthquake considering interconnected infrastructure systems2:30pm3:00pm
Discussion Panel3:00pm3:30pm

Session 4 – Moderator: Hamidreza Sarmadi

Dr. Alex GrantThe Impacts of Sea Level Rise on San Francisco Bay-area Liquefaction Hazard3:45pm4:15pm
Steve ModdemeyerCommand and Control is for Emergencies. Shared Values is for Adaptation and Recovery4:15pm4:45pm
Dr. Kit Miyamoto & Dr. Amir GilaniImpact of climate change on the performance of the built environment4:45pm5:15pm
Discussion Panel5:15pm5:15pm
Closing Remarks5:45pm5:50pm

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Chair: Dr. Jorge Meneses
Alvaro Celestino
Janna Bonfiglio
Tasneem Sadeque
Kristen Chang
Hamid Sarmadi
Prof. Gilberto Mosqueda
Ricardo Bustamante
Kayla Erler

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