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2nd Kenji Ishihara Colloquium Series on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering

“Seismic Lateral Displacements”

Thursday & Friday, August 22-23, 2019
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA

The second of this colloquium series, honoring Professor T. Leslie Youd, will focus on seismic lateral displacements and will take place at San Diego State University on Thursday & Friday, August 22-23 from 8am to 5pm. The topics that will be presented on during the colloquium are oriented towards geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, engineering geologists, architects, civil engineers, researchers, and students. 22 speakers, consisting of geotechnical and structural engineers, set to present at this colloquium include Prof. T. Leslie Youd, Prof. Kenji Ishihara, Prof. Thomas O’Rourke, Prof. Liam Finn, Prof. Jonathan Bray, Prof. Masanori Hamada, and other engineers and professors from the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Chile.

Registration includes breakfast, lunch, and refreshments during the breaks.

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Opening Ceremony

Registration and Breakfast7:00am8:00am

Session 1 – Moderator: Dr. James Gingery

Dr. Robert PykeImproved Computation of Potential Lateral Spreading Displacements in Earthquakes8:15am8:40am
Prof. Kevin FrankeProbabilistic Lateral Spread Hazard Analysis: A Performance‐Based Approach to Predicting Lateral Spread Displacements8:40am9:05am
Prof. Juan MayoralCoupled Site, Topographic, and Soil‐Structure Interaction Effects in Seismic‐Induced Slope Displacements
Discussion Panel9:30am10:00am
Prof. Kyle RollinsEvaluation of Lateral Spread Prediction Equations for M8+ Earthquakes10:30am10:55am
Prof. Nozomu YoshidaSimplified Method to Evaluate Liquefaction‐Induced Flow10:55am11:20am
Prof. Christian LedezmaLiquefaction‐induced Lateral Spreading for Large‐Magnitude Subduction Earthquakes in Areas with Short Source‐to‐Site Distances11:20am11:45am
Discussion Panel11:45am12:15pm
Lunch Break12:15pm1:25pm

Session 2 – Moderator: Alvaro Celestino

Prof. Jose RestrepoModeling and Design Issues in Reinforced Concrete Wall Buildings1:25pm1:50pm
Prof. Gilberto MosquedaResponse of Seismically Isolated Structures subjected to Beyond Design Basis Shaking1:50pm2:15pm
Lawrence BurkettSoil and Foundation Modeling in Structural Engineering Practice2:15pm2:40pm
Discussion Panel2:40pm3:10pm
Prof. Ikuo TowhataEarthquake-induced landslides3:40pm4:05pm
Prof. Joseph WartmanRegional-Scale Forecasting of Coseismic Landslide Displacement4:05pm4:30pm
Discussion Panel4:30pm5:00pm


Session 3 – Moderator: Dr. Jorge Meneses

Registration and Breakfast7:00am8:00am
Prof. Jonathan BraySeismic Slope Displacement Procedure for Shallow Crustal Earthquakes8:15am8:40am
Prof. Liam FinnEstimating Lateral Spreading in a Probabilistic Ground Motion Environment8:40am9:05am
Prof. Thomas O'RourkeNext Generation Hazard Resilient Infrastructure9:05am9:30am
Discussion Panel9:30am10:00am
Prof. Masanori HamadaStrategies for the Enhancement of Earthquake- and Tsunami‐Resistance of Industrial Parks in the Water Front Area10:30am10:55am
Prof. Kenji IshiharaFundamental Laws of Deformations in the Mechanics of Granular Soils10:55am11:20am
Prof. Leslie YoudFactors Controlling Lateral Spread11:20am11:45am
Discussion Panel/Recognition Plaque for Prof. Youd11:45am12:15pm
Lunch Break12:15pm1:25pm

Session 4 – Moderator: Prof. Ikuo Towhata

Prof. Katerina ZiotopoulouNumerical Modeling of Ground Deformations at Balboa Blvd. in the 1994 Northridge Earthquake1:25pm1:50pm
Prof. Ahmed ElgamalLiquefaction‐Induced Lateral Spreading: Ground Deformation and Effects on Embedded Foundations1:50pm2:15pm
Prof. Jonathan StewartBridge Foundations and Lateral Spreads: Case History and Analysis Guidelines2:15pm2:40pm
Discussion Panel2:40pm3:10pm
Dr. Lisheng ShaoSoil Mixing Improvement for Bridge Abutment under Seismic Loads3:40pm4:05pm
Prof. John McCartneyLimiting Values on Seismic Compression of Unsaturated Soils4:05pm4:30pm
Discussion Panel4:30pm5:00pm

San Diego State University
Room: Hardy Tower 140
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182
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Chair: Dr. Jorge Meneses
Janna Bonfiglio
Alvaro Celestino
Maryam Motamed
Tasneem Sadeque
Elainey Fetene
Athul Parayancode
Metehan Gumustekin

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