Policy Outcomes


Diagram of how earthquake scenarios can lead to improved policies for earthquake safety
(Source: Anne Wein,Western Geographic Science Center, USGS, 2010, from “Six Tips for Building an Earthquake Scenario: Lessons Learned from coordinating the economic consequences of the Southern California ShakeOut Scenario”)

Once the three Scenario Working Groups have completed their studies, a final report will be prepared to summarize the scenario findings.  This report will tell the story of the scenario event and its possible consequences to the San Diego and Tijuana regions.  It will also be designed to prompt residents, business owners, decision makers and community stakeholders to ask important questions
about how to prepare for future earthquakes in the region for a more resilient community.

It is hoped that the scenario development process and final report will lead to the development of policies that enhance earthquake safety.  Policy making could take place in many topic areas including earthquake education, emergency planning, and building codes.