Engineering (Working Group 2)


Working group 2 is tasked with quantifying the physical damage due to the building and infrastructure stock in the San Diego/Tijuana region.  The physical damage can be subdivided as follow:

  • Direct physical damage to buildings and infrastructure.
  • Indirect physical damage:  e.g. Fire.
  • Economic and social losses: e.g. Casualties.
  • Indirect economic losses: e.g. Business Disruption.

To assess damage, the group is using information provided by Working Group 1:  Shakemaps and secondary hazard maps.  The Shakemaps will be input into HAZUS, a multi-hazard loss estimation methodology developed by FEMA, to estimate the region’s earthquake losses.  Finally, the numerical results will be reviewed by a panel of experts to generate the final assessment of damage in the region.  This information will feed Working Group 3 to perform social and economic analyses.

List of Participants

Amine Aboufirass, UCSD
Doug Bausch, PDC
Alvaro Celestino, Degenkolb Engineers
Tony Court, AB Court and Associates
Aaron Gahwiler, UCSD
David Gonzalez, Reid-Middleton
Kostas Kosmidis, UCSD
Luis Mendoza Garcilazo, CICESE, Mexico
Laura Ortiz Huerta, CICESE, Mexico
Sabina Piras, TYLin
Mukesh Ramancha, UCSD
Jesse Rozelle, FEMA
Roberto Ruiz-Salas, Kimley-Horn
Lelli Van Den Einde, UCSD


Working Group Activities & Products

  • Preparing a Region for Earthquake Disasters – The San Diego-Tijuana Earthquake Scenario Project (1MB pdf, English) by A Celestino, A. Court, L. Van Den Einde, D. Murbach, L. Ortiz, R. Thiele

  • This group meets bimonthly, the 4th Friday of every month.  If you would like to get involved, please contact