Earth Science (Working Group 1)

Fault Zones in the San Diego Region


Working Group 1 is tasked with identifying the Scenario’s design earthquake with its earthquake shaking levels and intensities, along with any secondary hazards from the shaking. The products developed by the working group, including a preliminary shake map and PAGER report, are shown below. The expected impacts from the Scenario’s design earthquake will be assessed in more detail by the other working groups to yield a final scenario report that is more specific and customized to the San Diego-Tijuana region than the preliminary, automatic outputs provided in the PAGER summary below.

List of Working Group Members

Diane Murbach
Dr. Ken Hudnut, Vince Quitoriano, Dr. David Wald, Geoff Cromwell, and Wes Danskin, USGS
Jerry Treiman, Cindy Pridmore, and Rui Chen, CGS
Dr. Tom Rockwell, SDSU
Doug Bausch and Michael Hornick, FEMA
Rob Hawk and Jim Quinn, City of San Diego
Monte Murbach
Dr. Mark Legg
Dr. James Gingery
Dr. Jorge Meneses
Carolyn Glockhoff

Luis H. Mendoza Garcilazo, Jose Acosta Chang, Francisco Suarez Vidal, and Jose Frez Cardenas, CICSE
Fortunato Espinoza Barreras, UABC
Rene Martinez Leon, Rocio Escamilla Esquivel, and Carlos I Huerta Lopez, TJ

Working Group Activities & Products

The following scenario products were developed in late 2015 to describe the hazard levels of the scenario earthquake. Note that the automatic estimates of the casualties and economic losses provided in the PAGER summary below, will be refined based on activities of the other working groups and will be described in the final scenario report. Special thanks to USGS for creating this scenario information.

San Diego-Tijuana Earthquake Scenario Design Earthquake




Tsunami Animation was provided by Aggeliki Barberopoulou, Mark R. Legg, and Edison Gica. Based on published paper: Time Evolution of Man-Made Harbor Modifications in San Diego: Effects on Tsunamis In the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering ISSN 2077-1312 Published: 19 November 2015.


Fault Map for San Diego/Tijuana Earthquake Scenario