November 2014 Meeting

The dinner meeting represented a great opportunity for speakers and guests to provide valuable insight on pertinent issues regarding what this document should address and how to leverage the data for their own benefit. The panel of speakers included Tom Rockwell (Paleoseismologist and structural geologist, San Diego State University), Tom Amabile (Senior Emergency Services Coordinator at San Diego County Office of Emergency Services), Mario Rodriquez (Sub-director of the State Civil Protection Program, Mexico), Rafael Carrillo Venegas (Director of the Tijuana Civil Protection Program), and David Swanson (Principal, Reid Middleton, Inc; Seattle Fault Scenario Project) to present their insights and contributions to our San Diego-Tijuana Scenario Project.


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Date:                               Thursday,   November 20, 2014

Time:                               5:30pm Social, 6:30pm Dinner, 7:15pm Presentation and Q&A

Venue:                             Phil’s BBQ, 3750 Sports Arena Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92110

Menu:                              Baby Back Ribs   & Chicken, Garden Veggie Burger, Baked Beans, Potato Salad

Registration:                   EERI Members: $25, Non-members:   $35, Students/Government:   $15

Payment accepted:        Credit Card, Debit Card (online), Cash or Check   (at the door)